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Ecommerce (Shopify & Woocommerce) Solutions

Design , development and customization of Shopify, woocommerce solutions. Expertise in payment gateway integrations with all major payment gateways.

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WordPress Solutions

We have expertise in design & customization of wordpress & strapi solutions. We specialize in marketplace websites, job boards, subscription websites and LMS.

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Custom Website Design & Development

We offer custom solutions for website development and digital branding for all your business, personal and E-Commerce needs. We take care of cross-cutting-concerns such as Security , Performance, Logging and Monitoring.

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Cloud & Devops

We have experienced engineers to cater all your public cloud needs including Cloud Strategy, Cloud Solution Design & Development, Cloud Administration, Cloud Migration and Devops. We focus on all major Public Cloud Platforms including Azure, AWS & IBM Cloud.

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API Solutions

We have expertise in all best-in-class API Management & API Gateway Tools. While developing we consider aspects such as API documentation, increased level of security, thorough testing, regular versioning and high reliability

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Software Delivery Methodology

We follow Lean Development principles and Lean Development is the one key factor behind our success.

We understand client requirements and translate it into working products quickly using well tried & tested lean development life cycle.

1. Eliminate Waste
We help client understand & “Eliminate Waste” such as

  • Vague requirements
  • Inefficient communication
  • Issues with quality
  • Unneeded and crippling bureaucracy
  • Unnecessary features

To identify and later eliminate waste regular meetings are conducted with clients after every short repetition.

2. Building Quality In
Our deliverables have quality and performance built in the deliverables by keeping the engineering flexible.
“Build Quality In” helps get extra iterations of coding, testing and shipping and thus drive extra cost.
With our lean approach we strive to avoid such issues.

3. Decide Late (At the Right Time)
Take decision as late as possible when there is enough information available. This helps take better decisions.
Due to requirement vagueness the significance of Deciding Late (at the right time) is hard to overrate.

4. Faster Delivery
Deliver as soon as possible helps get clients feedback quickly. We start delivering as soon as within 2 weeks.
This helps us boost software incrementally based on the feedback received from client and ignore everything else that holds no/less value.

5. Team Value
We believe in empowering teammates which helps them keep motivated. As a result, the team is able to deliver quality products and add more value to client deliverables.

6. Build Integrity In

Following this lean principle, we check integrity o the deliverable at every step.
Lean Software Development suggest to solve quality problem when it first starts appearing and not leaving it for later stages(fixing of bugs for testing or production).
So, we take small steps and check the quality after each step.

7. See the Whole
The simplest way to solve a problem is by breaking it down into smaller issues and consistently addressing the causes of their occurrence.
That’s why we focus on giving the teams overall understanding of the current development process, concept and strategy of the software being developed. They see the project/product as a whole and helps us win client’s happiness.


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About Us

We are a software  development agency based in Dubai UAE registered as Tek Wisdo, with focus on saving business costs and growing business with the help of well tested & trusted open source technology & technology enablers. Below are our areas of expertise which help us not only save costs for our clients but also increase time-to-market.

  • Ecommerce Solution
    • Shopify
    • WooCommerce
    • Payment Gateways
    • Complex Integrations
  • Website Design & Development
    • WordPress
    • Custom Development
    • Strapi
  • Public Cloud
    • Azure
    • AWS
    • IBM Cloud
  • Open Source Tech
    • Containers
    • Containers Orchestration
    • API Management/API Gateways
    • Open source DBs
    • Log Analysis
    • Monitoring
  • Devops & Automation
    • CI/CD
    • Built-in Templates Based on OSS
    • Automations for BAU activities
  • Desktop Application Development
  • Our Digital Accelerators (Ready-made Solutions)
  • SAFe Methodology 

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  • Contact@cowase.com
  • +971-58-8850610

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